• VPM03 - Value Pack with Milk 03
  • VPM03 - Value Pack with Milk 03
  • VPM03 - Value Pack with Milk 03
  • VPM03 - Value Pack with Milk 03
  • VPM03 - Value Pack with Milk 03
  • VPM03 - Value Pack with Milk 03

VPM03 - Value Pack with Milk 03

US $ 75.15
(Exclusive of all taxes)
We are excited to present our Value Pack (with milk) 3, one of the finest grocery hampers to give to someone you care about! Many of the premium, high-quality Australian goods in this bundle will surely end up in every home as standard items.
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We've included a bottle of our premium cooking oil from one of Australia's top brands. This oil is perfect for sautéing, frying, and baking, and is made from 100% pure ingredients. There are packs of rice, with a bag of our premium quality sugar, packs of chickpeas, green grams and lentils-the ‘must have’ ingredients in any household. This value pack contains one of the best milk powder brands in Australia.

Additionally, we've included a variety of spices that have been properly mixed by reputable local brands using carefully obtained ingredients. These spice packets will give your loved ones' meals a more authentic flavor.

Discover the finest grocery home delivery options with our Value Pack (with milk) 3, which includes all the goods your loved ones require to have a comfortable and delicious cuisine.

Place your order now to express your soft feelings towards your loved ones through the best online gift delivery in Sri Lanka!

Box Includes:


Rice 5 kg (Araliya Nadu Sahal)

Rice 5kg (Araliya Keeri Samba Sahal)

Bubs Milk Powder 1kg

Freelan Salt 400g

Ausi Chef Canola Oil 750ml

CSR White Sugar 1kg

Pattu Red Split Lentils 1kg x 2packs

Pattu Chick Peas (Kabuli) 1kg

Freelan Chillie Powder 100g

Freelan Chillie Flacks 100g

Freelan Meat Curry Powder 100g

Freelan Curry Powder 100g

Freelan Roasted Curry Powder 50g

Freelan Musted Seed 50g

Freelan Dill Seeds (Ulu Hal) 50g

Freelan Pepper Powder 100g

Freelan Goraka Gamboge Cream 250g

Freelan Vinegar 350ml

Freelan Turmeric Powder 100g

Cinnamon Stick 100g


Due to the current country economic climate, we are operating with a limited stock availability and certain items maybe substituted with alternative brands/ items. 

Our customer care center will keep you informed if this situation were to arise.


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