• VP010 - Value Pack 10
  • VP010 - Value Pack 10
  • VP010 - Value Pack 10
  • VP010 - Value Pack 10
  • VP010 - Value Pack 10
  • VP010 - Value Pack 10
  • VP010 - Value Pack 10
  • VP010 - Value Pack 10
  • VP010 - Value Pack 10
  • VP010 - Value Pack 10
  • VP010 - Value Pack 10

VP010 - Value Pack 10

SKU: VP010
US $ 118.62
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Experience the joy in our newest Value Pack 10, the perfect grocery bundle for the people you love the most! The hamper is filled with a selection of excellent quality foodstuff items produced in Australia as well as some branded items from the local market.
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Starting from Packs of rice, we've included a pack of plain flour and a bottle of our premium cooking oil from one of Australia's top brands. This oil is perfect for sautéing, frying, and baking, and is made from 100% pure ingredients. There are packs of high-quality sugar and salt, packs of chickpeas, green grams, and lentils- multipurpose and nourishing food items that are used in many different cuisines in a Sri Lankan household.

The bundle includes exclusive dry items such as noodles, different flavors of soy meat, a pack of cream crackers, Vegemite-made in Australia along with a pack of tea from a local brand. You will receive a pack of Australian-made plain flour and other flours.

Plus, we've added a variety of household detergent items in this pack and these items are available in liquid and powder forms. From soaps, body washes, and shampoos to dish wash liquids, toilet cleaners, handwash, and toothpaste, all the essentials are there in the bundle. The bundle has a wide range of spices, that are carefully sourced and expertly blended by high-rated local brands. These packs of spices will add the traditional taste to the cuisines of your loved ones.

We will provide you with the finest options for grocery home delivery with our Value Pack 10, which covers all the basics your loved ones need for the household.

Order now with the best online gift delivery in Sri Lanka and show your love in a healthy way!

Box Includes:


Rice 5 kg (Araliya Nadu Sahal)

Rice 5kg (Araliya Keeri Samba Sahal)

Freelan Salt 400g

Ausi Chef Canola Oil 750ml

CSR White Sugar 1kg

Pattu Red Split Lentils 1kg x 03 Packs

Pattu Chick Peas (Kabuli) 1kg

Harishchandra Noodles 400g * 02 Packs

Freelan Soy Meat Chicken 50g

Freelan Soy Meat Polos 60g

Freelan Soy Meat Cuttle Fish 50g

Freelan Soy Meat Maldive Fish 70g

Maliban Cream Cracker 500g

Dilma Tea 400g

Harishchandra String Hopper Flour – White 700g

Harishchandra String Hopper Flour – Red 700g

Harishchandra Kurakkan Flour 400g

Harishchandra White Rice Flour 400g

Harishchandra Thosai Mixture 400g

Freelan Chillie Powder 100g

Freelan Chillie Flacks 100g

Freelan Meat Curry Powder 100g

Freelan Curry Powder 100g

Freelan Roasted Curry Powder 50g

Freelan Musted Seed 50g

Freelan Dill Seeds (Ulu Hal) 50g

Freelan Pepper Powder 100g

Freelan Goraka Gamboge Cream 250g

Freelan Vinegar 350ml

Freelan Turmeric Powder 100g

Cinnamon Stick 100g

Serf Excel Germ Kill 1kg

Sunlight Laundry Soap 110g * 03 Bars

Lux Bathing Soap 100g * 04 Bars

Dove Hair Shampoo 180ml

Life boy Body Wash 250ml

Domex Toilet Cleaner 500ml

Life Boy Hand Wash 180ml

Vim Dishwash Liquid 500ml

Closeup Toothpaste 120g


Due to the current country economic climate, we are operating with a limited stock availability and certain items maybe substituted with alternative brands/ items. 

Our customer care center will keep you informed if this situation were to arise.


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