To bring love, care, and health to all communities in Sri Lanka through a professional and premier quality online service.





To enable anyone, wherever they may be, to support families back home by utilizing easy order systems, effective processes, and quick delivery whilst maintaining the highest standards.



Welcome to Ausigift.com, your Sri Lankan-based online store and distributor serving the whole Island. Our aim is simple; to deliver the best whole food ingredients, essential grocery food items, and natural food and beverage products to your door. In addition, we enable those who live outside Sri Lanka to support or surprise their loved ones with the best local products – delivered quickly and with love. All done online and with a choice of currency options. We have offices located in Sri Lanka and Australia. Our office in Melbourne, Australia, is dedicated to answering customer queries.  


Ausigift.com is part of the Idea Group and a venture in the E-Commerce space. Idea group is a large Sri Lankan group of companies that has successfully developed diverse businesses across various segments. This is our 14th year serving our communities. The Group employs over 1000 local people and operates across three broad clusters: Manufacturer and Trading. Leisure and Service provision, with factories and distribution centres across Sri Lanka. Main brands I-roof and I-panel are available across 450 franchises island-wide. Please visit our main website (www.ideagroup.lk) to see in more detail our activity and the successes we continue to achieve. 


Our online gifting service, Ausigift.com, is a natural extension of our desire to serve every community in Sri Lanka, whether to provide jobs, services, or support to families and friends. For those who live overseas, the health and well-being of their families back home are always a concern. Ausigift.com provides them with an easy way to show that they care and give them confidence that those back home never feel forgotten. We pride ourselves on our ability to take orders from anywhere around the world, quickly process them and deliver well-packed, high-quality goods to your door, wherever you are on the Island.  


Our promise is to deliver your order to your loved ones within 4 hours, wherever you live in Sri Lanka.




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