The Best Valentines Day Gifts To Make Him Feel Special

Posted on May 10th, 2023 09:21 AM

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to make him feel special? You’ve come to the right place! Whether he’s a desk organizer, nature guy, coffee drinker, seasoned chef, phone user, sweatshirt fan, luxury lover or music lover—we have the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Here are our top picks of 2023 that will show your love and appreciation for all that he does. With this list of thoughtful gifts tailored specifically to his interests and hobbies, it’ll be easy to find something he will love and cherish. Let's get started!

The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2023

Do you have a special someone that you want to make feel extra special this Valentine's Day? If so, then let's discuss some of the best gift ideas for 2023! From personalized gifts, tech gadgets, experience gifts, homemade treats, stylish accessories, personalized coupon books and customized photo albums - there are lots of ways to show your love. Let’s explore all the options!

Personalized Gifts

Show your love with a personalized token of appreciation - something that reflects his interests and is sure to show how much you care. Whether it’s an engraved watch, a monogrammed cufflink set, or a customized photo album with pictures of you two together – the possibilities are endless when it comes to personalized gifts for him. If he has a favorite hobby or sport, consider matching accessories such as golf tees or fishing lures etched with his name.

For more sentimental options, have your initials inscribed on an item like a ring or bracelet he can wear every day. A hand-written card that expresses your feelings in words is always appreciated too! With thoughtful and meaningful presents, you can make this Valentine’s Day one that he will remember forever. And what better way to show him how much you care than by giving him something personal? From meaningful keepsakes to tech gadgets – there are plenty of ways to make this special day unforgettable.

Tech Gadgets

Technology-savvy guys will love having the latest gadgets to show off, so why not surprise him with an upgraded phone or gaming console this Valentine’s? If that doesn't fit within your budget, consider one of these other tech gifts:

  1. A pair of wireless headphones

  2. A digital photo frame full of pictures of the two of you together

  3. An Alexa device for his home office

    Experience Gifts

    Experience gifts are a great way to show your special someone just how much you care, without breaking the bank! Consider treating them to something they wouldn't normally do - like a hot air balloon ride, a cooking class, or a concert.

    A unique experience gift is sure to make your Valentine feel extra special and create lasting memories. You could also organize an outdoor picnic with their favorite foods or book tickets for the theater. The possibilities are endless when it comes to experience gifts - the only limit is your imagination!

    Homemade Treats

    Nothing says 'I love you' quite like homemade treats - a delicious way to show your appreciation this Valentine's! From classic chocolate truffles to fancy French macarons, sweet treats make for the perfect Valentines day gift. Not only are they easy and fun to make, but they can be personalised to fit your partner’s tastes.

    If they have a sweet tooth, why not whip up some brownies or cupcakes with heart-shaped decorations? Or if they prefer something more savoury, why not try making some cheesy pizza hearts or red velvet pancakes? Whatever treat you choose to make for them, it’ll definitely be appreciated as a heartfelt gesture of love.

    Making homemade treats is an effortless way to show someone how much you care about them this Valentine’s Day. With a little bit of time and creativity, you can create something special that will put a smile on their face – and maybe even earn yourself an extra kiss!

    Stylish Accessories

    Spoil your special someone with stylish accessories this Valentine's - they'll appreciate the thought and love showing off their new look! For a fashionable touch to his wardrobe, consider giving him a personalized watch or an elegant tie.

    If he's into tech gadgets, why not surprise him with a pair of wireless headphones or a smartwatch? A classic leather wallet would be another great gift choice - you can even have it engraved with his initials! Whether it’s something practical, like a belt, or something more luxurious, like cufflinks – your special someone is sure to be impressed. With so many stylish options available, you will have no problem finding the perfect accessory for him.

    Making your partner feel truly appreciated doesn't need to break the bank either – give them something from the heart by creating a personalized coupon book.

    Personalized Coupon Book

    Making your beloved feel extra special doesn't have to be an uphill battle - why not show your love with a personalized coupon book that'll leave them smiling from ear to ear? A customized coupon book is the perfect way to make sure your Valentine knows how much you care. You can include coupons for anything from breakfast in bed, a night out at the movies, or even something as simple as a hug when they need it most.

    It's easy to customize each coupon with thoughtful messages, special graphics and colors that capture the amazing connection between you two. Give your partner something unique this year- personalize their coupon book so it reflects all of the wonderful things they bring into your life. This gift will make them feel appreciated and loved while reminding them of all the great times you've shared together in the past and those yet to come. From one heartfelt gesture, comes endless possibilities when creating a personalized coupon book for your Valentine.

    Customized Photo Album

    Give your special someone a one-of-a-kind token of your love this Valentine's Day with a customized photo album! Show off all the wonderful memories you've shared together, from vacations to anniversaries and everything in between. This heartfelt gift will make them feel treasured and bring a smile to their face every time they look through it. Design the album yourself with photos, captions, and anecdotes that help tell your story as a couple.

    If you don't have many photos together, consider mixing in other mementos such as tickets or cards from events that are meaningful to the two of you. It'll show how much thought you put into it and that nothing was overlooked – just like how much they mean to you!

    For the Desk Organizer

    Help him get his workspace in order with a desk organizer that'll transform it into an organized oasis! Whether it's a desktop caddy with compartments for office supplies and documents, or a stylish wall-mounted set of shelves to store all his items neatly, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some great ideas:

    1. A modern storage cubby with separate pockets for notebooks, folders and even charging cords

    2. A sleek wooden box featuring multiple drawers with hidden compartments

    3. An industrial-style metal shelf rack with hooks and hanging baskets

    4. A trendy wire basket filled with dividers for organizing accessories These thoughtful gifts will help your special someone keep their workspace neat and tidy while also adding style to their desk area. With the right desk organizer you can make sure he feels appreciated this Valentine's Day!

    For the Nature Guy

    Moving away from the desk, now let's focus on your nature-loving significant other. If you're looking for a gift that will make him feel special, opting for something to do with his favorite outdoor activities is sure to hit the mark. For example, if he's an avid hiker or mountain biker, consider gifting him a new hydration pack so he can stay refreshed while out in nature. A pair of binoculars are also great for bird watching or spotting wildlife during hikes.

    Additionally, a subscription to an outdoor magazine or guidebook would be highly appreciated and give him something fun to read about his favorite hobby on those rainy days when he can't get outside.

    For something more personal, plan a surprise camping trip where you can spend quality time together under the stars and explore someplace new together—just remember to bring all of the necessary gear! Showing that you care enough to plan an entire outing just for him will make your Valentine's Day one neither of you will forget. And don't forget a cozy blanket and some marshmallows for s'mores over the fire! To top it off, treat him to a night out afterwards at his favorite restaurant as a reward for all of his hard work being outdoorsy!

    For the Coffee Drinker

    Whether your Valentine loves to brew their own coffee or is always on the hunt for the perfect cup, a gift tailored to their caffeine cravings is sure to put a smile on their face this February 14th. For the coffee lover, consider giving them something special that helps them enjoy their favorite beverage even more. A unique mug or thermos can be just the thing they need for sipping on-the-go. If you're feeling extra generous, why not treat them to a subscription of freshly roasted beans from around the world? They'll get access to limited releases and flavors that can't be found in stores - and it's sure to make each morning a little more special.

    Likewise, if your Valentine is an avid home brewer, consider gifting them with an espresso machine or French press. This will give them complete control over their brewing routine - and ensure that every cup tastes exactly how they like it! From simple cups of joe to sophisticated blends, these gifts are sure to make any coffee lover feel appreciated this Valentine's Day. And on top of all that, what better way to show your love than by giving someone one of their favorite things?

    For those looking for something truly indulgent, luxury chocolate truffles could be just the ticket.

    For the Seasoned Chef

    If your Valentine loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen, there's no better way to show them you care than with a thoughtful gift that enhances their culinary creativity. Show how much you appreciate their kitchen wizardry by gifting them something that allows them to explore new flavors and techniques.

    A subscription box like Salted or PlateJoy can offer monthly ingredients and recipes for dishes from around the world, while a sous vide machine will help them perfect difficult techniques with ease. A set of high-quality knives, personalized recipe cards, or an herb garden are also great gifts that will make your significant other feel appreciated and special on Valentine’s Day. To really go above and beyond for the one you love, consider taking a cooking class together so you can learn new recipes hand-in-hand. With these ideas in mind, your Valentine is sure to have a memorable day they’ll never forget. Moving forward into the realm of adventure lovers, let's look at what gifts they would find useful this special day...

    For the Adventurer

    For the adrenaline-seeking adventurer, Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to gift them something that will take their breath away - quite literally! A great idea for this type of person would be a hot air balloon ride. Scheduling an early morning or sunset flight over beautiful natural landscapes and picturesque cities could be a romantic and thrilling experience.

    Another excellent option would be to book an adventurous activity such as skydiving, white water rafting, or mountain climbing. This could make your partner feel special while pushing them out of their comfort zone to embrace the unknown! Gifts like these will serve as a reminder of the commitment you have made to each other and how far you are willing to go for love.

    For the Minimalist

    This Valentine's Day, give the minimalist in your life a gift that represents their unique style and speaks to their appreciation of simplicity - something they'll treasure for years to come. An understated accessory like a sleek wallet or an elegant watch is sure to be appreciated. For something more personal, find a piece of art that evokes emotion in the simplest way possible. A single rose given with thought and consideration can often say more than any grand gesture could.

    For those who appreciate function and convenience, consider gifting items that make everyday tasks simpler. A new set of kitchen knives or a smart assistant device are both thoughtful gifts that will bring joy for many years to come. With these gifts, you'll show the minimalist in your life just how much you care about them this Valentine's Day.

    For the Home Cook

    The home cook in your life is sure to appreciate a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift that celebrates their passion for cooking; after all, almost 80% of Americans enjoy the process of cooking meals at home. Show them you care and give them something special to add to their collection; here are 4 top gift ideas for the home cook:

    • A set of high-quality kitchen knives

    • A slow cooker or sous vide machine

    • An updated recipe book with modern flavors

    • An array of interesting spices from around the world These gifts will certainly be appreciated by any serious home chef as they will help elevate their meal preparations and make it easier than ever before. Make this Valentine's Day extra special and show your love through these useful gifts that can be used time and time again!

    For the Bearded Man

    You’re looking for an extra special gift to show your bearded man that you care. Whether he’s a lumberjack, farmer, or just loves having a beard -- these gifts are sure to make him feel appreciated this Valentine’s Day!

    Gift Idea


    Wooden Comb

    A wooden comb is a great way to keep the hair and beard looking neat and tidy. It can also help reduce tangles and split ends.

    Beard Oil/Balm Kit

    This kit comes with all of the necessary products to keep his beard well-groomed: oil, balm, and scissors. Plus it has an added bonus of smelling great!

    Handcrafted Mug

    Get him something personalized with his favorite saying or image on it. He will be reminded every time he takes a sip that you care about him and appreciate all that he does!

    These gifts are sure to make your bearded man feel special this Valentine's Day. Plus, they're thoughtful enough that he'll want to use them long after February 14th is over!

    For the Bodega Walker

    For the bodega walker, you've found something special to show your appreciation this Valentine's Day - a collection of unique items that'll bring a smile to their face. To make their day extra special, consider giving them:

    1. A gift card to their favorite bodega or small grocery store

    2. A cozy pair of slippers that they can wear while running errands

    3. A hands-free Bluetooth headset so they can keep their phone in their pocket while on the go These thoughtful gifts will show your love for the bodega walker in your life and help make them feel appreciated and special on Valentine’s Day. And for the phone-free man...

    For the Phone-Free Man

    Showing your appreciation for the phone-free man this Valentine's Day doesn't have to be complicated; why not surprise them with something unique that'll bring a smile to their face? A great option is a set of noise cancelling headphones. This way, they can enjoy their favorite music or podcast without any distractions.

    For those who love being outdoors, how about a pair of binoculars? That way, they can observe wildlife and take in stunning views from afar. If you want to make it extra special, get some accessories like cases and straps for the binoculars. You could also get him a subscription to an outdoor magazine or an online membership to an outdoor forum where he can connect with other nature enthusiasts. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects his interests and passions!

    For the Scotch Drinker

    Show your scotch-loving Valentine how much you care with a unique gift this year! Make it extra special for him by finding something that speaks to his passion. Whether he's an avid collector or just enjoys the occasional glass, there are plenty of gifts that will make him smile. Here's a list of thoughtful ideas:

    1. An engraved whiskey decanter and glasses set

    2. A personalized bottle of Scotch with his name on it

    3. A subscription to an exclusive whisky club

    These presents are sure to show him how much you care and appreciate him this Valentine’s Day. And if they don't already have one, why not throw in some top-notch barware such as a sleek cocktail shaker and stylish muddler? That way, they can enjoy their favorite spirit in style! With these gifts, your Scotch-lover is sure to feel extra special this Valentine’s Day - and beyond! Now onto the next gift idea...

    For the Bathroom Cleaner

    Give your cleaning-obsessed Valentine the ultimate gift this year, and make their bathroom sparkle like nothing else! Treat them to something that'll take their tidying game to the next level and have them feeling on top of the world. A toilet scrubbing brush with an extendable handle is a great way to help them reach those hard-to-get places in the bathroom.

    Alternatively, a set of professional quality cleaning supplies ensures they don't have to worry about running out any time soon. Investing in an automatic toilet cleaner can also be a great choice for your partner - it's sure to save them time and leave their bathroom looking squeaky clean with minimal effort. With any of these gifts, you're sure to make your special someone feel appreciated while helping them keep their home spotless. Make this Valentine's Day memorable with these amazing ideas that are sure to make your beloved feel extra special!

    For the Puppy Parent

    Surprise your pup-loving Valentine this year with something that's sure to make their heart melt and bring joy to their day! Whether they have one furry companion or a whole pack, these gifts will show how much you appreciate them and the special bond they share. Here are three ideas that'll be sure to delight:

    1. A personalized pet bed - Get your partner a custom pet bed with an embroidered saying of your choice! This thoughtful gift will give them a cozy spot for their pup to snuggle up in.

    2. A custom photo book - Create a photo book full of pictures of all the furry friends in their life! This is sure to bring back fond memories and remind them of all the fun times shared with their beloved pets.

    3. An adoption package - If your partner has been wanting to adopt another pet, get them an adoption package complete with everything needed for a successful transition into their home! From toys and treats to supplies like leashes and bowls, it'll make bringing home the newest member of the family easy and stress-free. These gifts are perfect for any pup parent who holds their fur babies close to heart! Plus, they're sure to appreciate having something special just from you this Valentine's Day. With these gifts, your Valentine can truly feel loved and appreciated by both humans and animals alike.

    For the Non-Drinker

    Even if your Valentine doesn't drink, you can still show them how much you care this Valentine's Day with thoughtful gifts that'll make them feel loved! Get creative and think of the things they love. A personalized gift like a special mug or an engraved picture frame can be a great way to show your appreciation. If they’re into tech, consider getting them a new gadget or some headphones.

    If they’re into music, pick out their favorite artist’s vinyl record or CD. For the crafty person in your life, consider giving them supplies to make their own artwork. Alternatively, treat them to something special like tickets to a concert or play. Whatever you decide on, with some thoughtfulness and creativity you can make this Valentine's Day extra special for the non-drinker in your life! To complete the perfect gift package, pair it up with something fashionable like jogger pants for ultimate style and comfort.

    Jogger Pants Styling

    Show your special someone you care this Valentine's Day with a stylish gift of jogger pants that'll make them look and feel great! Whether they're looking for an easy, everyday athleisure option or something more fashion-forward, jogger pants can be tailored to fit any personality.

    With their tapered silhouette, drawstring waistband and elasticized cuffs, jogger pants provide extra comfort and style points when dressed up or down. For the ultimate in comfort, choose a pair made from soft fabrics like cotton or linen for all-day breathability. If your special someone prefers something a little more daring, go for bold colors and prints that will set them apart from the crowd. Whether they prefer classic neutrals or bright hues, there are plenty of ways to style jogger pants - just add some statement sneakers and a simple t-shirt for an effortlessly cool look.

    For the Skincare Connoisseur

    Impress your skincare-savvy special someone this Valentine's with a luxurious gift they'll adore: pamper their skin with nourishing, natural products that will leave them feeling refreshed and glowing. Treat them to an indulgent spa experience at home with a complete set of organic facial care products made from plant-based ingredients, including cleansers, moisturizers, masks, serums and toners.

    For the ultimate romantic gesture, customize their skincare routine by selecting products tailored to their specific needs. They'll love knowing that you took the time to carefully choose items designed for their skin type and lifestyle. With these thoughtful gifts, you can ensure your sweetheart has everything they need for smooth and healthy skin all year long! In addition to being eco-friendly and good for their skin, these gifts also show how much thought you put into making them feel special on Valentine's Day.

    For the Insomniac

    Don't let your insomniac sweetheart suffer through sleepless nights any longer - surprise them this Valentine's with the perfect present that will help them get a good night's rest!

    • For the sound sleeper, why not treat them to some noise-canceling ear plugs to drown out distracting noises?

    • You could also opt for an eye mask or even a weighted blanket to provide comfort and relaxation.

    • And don't forget about essential oils like lavender or chamomile to really set the mood for a good night's sleep.

    • For the tech addict, give them an app like Headspace or Calm that can provide calming guided meditations and mindfulness exercises before bedtime.

    • A white noise machine or fan speaker may be just what they need to drown out distractions from their devices.

    • You can also look into apps that track sleep cycles and create soundscapes tailored specifically for better sleep.

    • Finally, for those who need something tangible, consider giving your loved one books on mindful living and well-being practices as well as comfy pajamas or slippers.

    These thoughtful gifts are sure to make your insomniac valentine feel special this season - just make sure you pick something that speaks to their individual needs! Transitioning comfortably into next morning is key; with these ideas in mind, now let’s turn our attention towards finding the perfect gift ‘For the Watch Rejecter’.

    For the Watch Rejecter

    If your man is a watch rejecter, then he's likely more of a minimalist when it comes to his accessories. This Valentine's Day, why not consider something special that helps him keep track of time without having to wear something on his wrist? A stylish pocket watch would be the perfect way to show him you care while still respecting his style preferences! Not only will it look great with any outfit, but also it will provide him with an easy way to tell the time.

    Plus, if you get creative and customize the pocket watch with engravings or initials, it'll make for a truly unique gift that he can cherish for years to come. Get him something special this Valentine's Day that reflects his individual style and personality – he won't be able to resist!

    For the Hard Water Guy

    Show your hard water guy you care this Valentine's Day with a special gift that'll really make a splash! For the guy who loves to get out on the lake or down the river, there are plenty of gifts that will show him just how much you care.

    From high-tech gadgets for anglers and navigators alike, to stylish accessories for getting around town in style, here's some of our favorite gifts for every kind of hard water guy:

    • High-Tech Gear:

    • GPS Fishfinder: A GPS fishfinder is one of the most useful pieces of gear any angler can own. It helps them locate and measure depths, so they know exactly where they're fishing.

    • Portable Power Bank: Rechargeable power banks are perfect for powering up devices while out camping or fishing.

    • Stylish Accessories:

    • Fishing Hat: The perfect way to keep cool on a sunny day out on the boat is with a stylish fishing hat! Choose an adjustable design with a sweatband and chin strap to ensure it stays put during windy conditions.

    • Waterproof Backpack: Keep all his gear dry with a waterproof backpack – perfect for canoeing down the river or heading out into inclement weather. With plenty of pockets and compartments, he'll have everything he needs close at hand!

    No matter what type of hard water guy your man is, these gifts will show him how much you care this Valentine's Day!

    For the Backpacker

    For the backpacker in your life, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to find something that'll let them explore the great outdoors in style! A cool and functional waterproof jacket is essential for those rainy days, or a lightweight yet sturdy sleeping bag for when they need to rest.

    Another great gift idea could be a multi-tool knife or a compass, both of which are incredibly useful for navigation and exploration purposes. If you know their size, look into getting them some camping boots as well - these will keep their feet warm and dry even during wet weather. And don't forget to wrap it all up with a bright and colorful bandana - making sure they always stand out from the crowd! With the right gear, your special someone can explore any terrain without worry and make this Valentine's Day one to remember.

    For the Phone User

    Spoil your phone user this Valentine's with some of the latest tech accessories, so they can stay connected and up to date in style! A wireless charging pad is a great way for them to keep their device juiced up without having to look for a wall socket. You could also get them a Bluetooth headset that is comfortable and compatible with their device, so they can take calls hands-free while on the go. Get them one of the new smartwatches or fitness trackers that have been released recently - these products allow users to access notifications without even having to take out their phone.

    And if you're feeling extra generous, you could surprise your partner with a brand new smartphone. No matter what gift you choose, it will make sure your phone user stays connected and stylish all year round!

    For the Sweatshirt Fan

    Treat your beloved sweatshirt fan to a cozy and stylish surprise this Valentine's, that'll keep them comfortable and looking their best! A custom-designed hoodie with a special message or design, such as their initials, is sure to put a smile on their face. For the more fashion-forward individual, there are plenty of options for trendy sweaters including those with bold prints and color combinations.

    Accessorize the look with some cozy socks and a pair of fashionable sneakers for an outfit that will take them from day to night. If you really want to make your special someone feel extra special, add in some unique accessories like a baseball cap or beanie in complementary colors. With these thoughtful gifts they'll be ready to tackle whatever comes their way while staying stylish all year round! Making your sweetheart feel loved is easy when you pick out something special for them this Valentine's Day.

    For the Luxury Lover

    Indulge your luxury lover with a lavish surprise this Valentine's, something sure to have 'em turning heads! Treat them to the height of opulence:

    • Jewelry: Get them a luxurious gift that will sparkle in the light and remind them of you. A diamond necklace, pearl earrings, or even crystal cufflinks will show your special someone how much they mean to you.

    • Watch: Surprise them with a classic timepiece that can be passed down for generations. Whether it’s an intricate pocket watch or an elegant wristwatch, its timeless style will make any luxury lover swoon.

    • Clothing: Give them an outfit that is equal parts chic and sophisticated. From designer shoes to bespoke suits, every piece will speak volumes about their taste and make them look as stylish as ever.

    Spoil your loved one this Valentine's Day with these luxurious items and get ready for some serious brownie points!

    For the Music Lover

    For the music lover, Valentine's Day is a chance to strike the right chord and show your appreciation in style - like striking a perfect note on a grand piano. Whether they are into classic melodies or modern beats, there are plenty of gifts that will make them feel special this Valentine’s Day.

    One great option for any music enthusiast is a high-quality pair of wireless headphones that can provide crystal clear sound with deep bass and rich mids. You could also surprise them with tickets to an upcoming concert or live performance of their favorite artist. If you’re feeling extra generous, you could even get them VIP passes for backstage access!


    You’ve already put a lot of thought and effort into making your man feel special this Valentine’s Day. From the desk organizer to the luxury lover, there is something for everyone. With these gifts, you can show him how much you care about him and appreciate all that he does for you. Plus, each gift offers its own unique symbolism – from the coffee mug representing your morning conversations to the music box showcasing your shared love of music. No matter which gift you choose, it will be sure to make him feel extra-special this Valentine’s Day!


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