30 Meaningful Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend Under Rs.500

Posted on August 10th, 2023 07:13 PM

Finding a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend that also fits your budget can be challenging. However, with some creativity and focus on personalization, you can pick the perfect affordable gift to make your boyfriend’s birthday special. This article will provide romantic, useful, and fun gift ideas under Rs. 500 to surprise your boyfriend without spending too much. The focus is on unique, budget-friendly gifts that are personalized and creative. Check out the gift recommendations below and pick something meaningful rather than expensive. From DIY projects to experience gifts, these affordable ideas will delight your boyfriend and make him feel loved.

Romantic Gifts

Romance your boyfriend with thoughtful, budget-friendly gifts from the heart on his birthday. These romantic gift ideas focus on creating personal, meaningful moments rather than spending lavishly.

Photo Frame with Couple’s Picture

photo frame with a cute picture of you two is a simple yet romantic gift. Choose your boyfriend’s favorite photo and frame it in a unique way, like:

  • A frame with a heart shape
  • A distressed, vintage-style frame
  • A colorful painted frame

You can make it even more special by writing a short loving message on the back for him to discover later. Price starts at just Rs. 150.

Love Letter/Poem

Pen down your feelings for your boyfriend in a love letter or poem. List down all the things you love about him, your favorite memories together, hopes for the future, or how much he means to you.

Present it in a sealed envelope and watch his eyes light up as he reads the heartfelt words written just for him. You can even spray a little perfume on the letter to make it more romantic.

Candlelight Dinner

Treat bae to a romantic candlelight dinner at home. Cook his favorite meal or dessert and set the mood with candles, flowers, and his favorite music playing softly in the background.

The personal touch and effort involved will mean more to him than an expensive restaurant dinner. Extra bonus if you wear a sexy outfit!

Homemade Desserts

Bake a decadent cake, prepare creamy chocolate-dipped strawberries or his favorite cookies from scratch. The natural ingredients and your love baked into each bite will delight your boyfriend.

Place the homemade desserts in a nice basket tied with a ribbon. You can also attach a “Happy Birthday” balloon to it for a festive touch.

Romantic Gift IdeasEst. Price
Photo frame with couple’s pictureRs. 150 onwards
Love letter/poem-
Candlelight dinnerRs. 500
Homemade dessertsRs. 300

With a little thoughtfulness and effort, you can create romantic gifts for your boyfriend’s birthday without burning a hole in your pocket. Focus on sentimental value over cost to make your lover boy smile.

Personalized Gifts

Make your boyfriend feel special on his big day with a customized, one-of-a-kind gift. Personalized gifts show how much you know and notice the little details about him.

Engraved/Printed Mug

Get a mug customized with a loving message or printed with an inside joke or special memory. Every morning when your boyfriend takes a sip from that personalized mug, it will remind him of you.


  • Engrave “Good Morning Handsome”
  • Print a cute photo of you two
  • Include an inside joke only both of you understand

Price starts at just Rs. 299.

Personalized Cushion

Surround bae with love by gifting a customized cushion with a romantic quote or your names embroidered in a heart. Every time he sees it on the couch, your love will bring a smile to his face.

For a more budget-friendly option, make a custom cushion yourself using an old cushion cover, fabric paints, and stencils.

DIY Scarf or Sweater

If you can knit or sew, make your boyfriend a scarf, sweater, or beanie and customize it with your initials or names sewn in the design. The time and effort you put into this DIY gift will make it extremely sentimental.

If crafting isn’t your thing, you can add customization by getting his name or initials embroidered on a simple retail sweater or scarf.

Spotify Plaque with Romantic Song

Create a memorable Spotify plaque displaying the QR code to a romantic song that’s special for your relationship. Every time he scans the code, it will play your song! The perfect gift for a music lover.

Personalized Gift IdeasEst. Price
Customized mugRs. 299 onwards
Personalized cushionRs. 150 onwards
DIY scarf/sweaterRs. 300 onwards
Spotify plaqueRs. 349 onwards

Giving a thoughtful, customized gift shows how well you know your boyfriend’s likes, personality, and interests. Make his birthday feel unique with these personalized gifts.

Grooming & Accessory Gifts

Help your boyfriend look and feel his best with practical grooming and accessory gifts. These budget-friendly presents can upgrade his daily routines while showing that you pay attention.

Grooming Kit

Pamper your man with a complete grooming kit containing beard oil, shampoo, face wash, moisturizer, lip balm, deodorant, etc. Go for a branded kit or even better, create a custom set with his favorite products. Price starts at Rs. 399.

Bonus tip: Include his preferred razor, shaving cream, perfume/cologne to make a luxury shaving kit.


Gift bae a stylish new wallet to hold his essentials in sleek style. Opt for natural materials like leather, canvas, hemp etc. and pick a compact design that can fit into his pockets.

Make sure to include a sweet handwritten note inside for him to discover later! Budget wallets start at just Rs. 349.


An elegant leather belt makes for a timeless gift for your boyfriend. Choose a quality material like full-grain leather in a classic style. Pay attention to his existing belt collection to pick a color he doesn’t own yet.

You can even personalize it with his initials for a thoughtful touch. Price starts at Rs. 399.


Protect your guy’s eyes from the sun in style by gifting him cool sunglasses. Choose a shape that flatters his face cut and lenses with adequate UV protection.

Add a fun element by opting for sunglasses in his favorite color or with mirrored lenses. Starts at just Rs. 450.

Grooming & Accessory GiftsEst. Price
Grooming kitRs. 399 onwards
WalletRs. 349 onwards
BeltRs. 399 onwards
SunglassesRs. 450 onwards

Equip your boyfriend with dapper accessories and grooming tools to always look his best, while showing how observant you are of his needs.

Fun Gifts

Surprise your boyfriend with quirky, amusing gifts to give him a good laugh on his big day. Inject some humor and joy into his special day with these budget-friendly fun gifts.

Unique Socks

Treat your boyfriend’s feet to cool, funky socks he can show off confidently. Choose funny and creative designs featuring his favorite TV shows, sports teams, animals, foods etc.

The vibrant colors and bold prints will make boring socks a thing of the past. Available for Rs. 299 onwards.

Funny T-Shirt

Give bae a hilarious graphic t-shirt that shows off his sense of humor. Pick pop culture references, funny quotes, or silly images that you know will crack him up.

Wearing your witty gift will put a smile on his face every time. Budget tees start at just Rs. 399.

Crazy Mugs

Start your guy’s day with a laugh by gifting a quirky mug, like:

  • A transforming mug that reveals a funny message/image when hot liquid is poured
  • A middle finger mug on the inside as a fun surprise
  • An upside down mug that spills the drink towards you

Priced affordably from Rs. 349 onwards.

Beer Glasses

For the beer lover, gift a set of fun beer glasses that will level up his drinking experience. Options:

  • Glasses shaped like boots, bullets, baseball bats etc.
  • Glasses with quirky text like “Best Boyfriend Ever”
  • Glasses with measurement markings

Available under Rs. 500 for a set.

Fun Gift IdeasEst. Price
Funky socksRs. 299 onwards
Humorous t-shirtRs. 399 onwards
Crazy coffee mugsRs. 349 onwards
Novelty beer glassesRs. 450 onwards

Inject some cheer into your boyfriend’s big day with these affordable and hilarious gifts picked just for him. Laughter truly is the best gift!

Hobby & Interest Gifts

Show how well you know your boyfriend by gifting something personalized to his hobbies and interests. These tailored presents demonstrate your love and attention.

Guitar Picks

For the musically inclined boyfriend, gift customized guitar picks with his name or a cute message printed on them. While functional for playing guitar, they also make for cherished keepsakes.

Get a set of 5-10 personalized picks for Rs. 249 onwards. Go the extra mile by opting for picks made from premium materials like acrylic.

Coffee Maker

Make the coffee addict’s mornings brighter with a compact coffee maker for brewing fresh hot cups at home. Choose a reliable model with useful features like automatic shut off at a budget price.

Coffee makers start at just Rs. 429, while a coffee subscription service also makes a thoughtful gift.

Cooking Classes

If your boyfriend loves cooking, gift an exciting cooking class like pizza making, bartending, desserts etc. for you both to enjoy together.

Pick a hands-on class where he can build new culinary skills and whip up yummy treats. Starts at Rs. 499 per person.

Sports Merchandise

For the sports fanatic, gift merchandise of his favorite team or player like a t-shirt, cap, wristbands, autographed item etc. to fuel his fan fever.

Official jerseys and other branded merchandise begin at Rs. 499 onwards. Personalize with his name or lucky number for extra brownie points.

Hobby Gift IdeasEst. Price
Personalized guitar picksRs. 249 onwards
Coffee makerRs. 429 onwards
Cooking classRs. 499 per person
Sports merchandiseRs. 499 onwards

Giving a gift that ties into your boyfriend’s interests shows you pay attention to the things that excite him. It’s a thoughtful way to make his birthday special.

Useful Gifts

Pick functional gifts that your boyfriend can benefit from every day to make his birthday more special. Useful presents show that you care about making his life easier.

Water Bottle

Keep your adventurous boyfriend hydrated on the go with a high quality water bottle. Choose a durable bottle with thermal insulation to keep drinks cold for hours.

Add a personal touch by opting for his favorite color, getting it printed or engraved with his name or initials. Starts at just Rs. 399.


Gift boyfriend a sturdy new backpack for work, college or travel that keeps his essentials organized. Choose a spacious bag with padded straps, laptop sleeve and plenty of compartments.

For extra utility, pick a backpack that is water resistant or anti-theft enabled. Available from Rs. 499 onwards.

Desk Organizer

Declutter bae’s work desk with a sleek desk organizer to hold his files, gadgets, stationery in an orderly fashion. Opt for a minimal design that saves space.

Add a personal element by including sweet notes in some of the compartments. Price starts at just Rs. 399.

Bluetooth Speaker

Let your music lover jam out everywhere with a portable Bluetooth speaker. Choose a compact speaker with great sound quality, long battery life and waterproof rating for beach trips.

Jazz it up with a colorful speaker or his favorite color. Starts at Rs. 499.

Useful Gift IdeasEst. Price
Insulated water bottleRs. 399 onwards
Sturdy backpackRs. 499 onwards
Desk organizerRs. 399 onwards
Portable bluetooth speakerRs. 499 onwards

The gift of convenience and organization makes every day better for your boyfriend. Pick useful presents you know he’ll appreciate.

Experience Gifts

Treat your special someone to a memorable experience on his big day with these fun gifts that you can enjoy together.

Movie Tickets

Gift an epic movie night out with tickets to the latest action, adventure, sci-fi or animation movie you know he’s been dying to watch.

Make it extra special by booking the luxurious recliner seats for maximum comfort. Combo deals with snacks/drinks start at just Rs. 600 for 2 tickets.

Amusement Park Tickets

Thrill your adrenaline junkie boyfriend with tickets to popular amusement parks like Imagica or Wonderla. Spend the day trying crazy rides, enjoying shows and carnival food.

Entry tickets start at Rs. 499 per person on weekdays. Plan in advance to grab deals.

Restaurant Coupons

Surprise foodie boyfriend with discount coupons for his favorite restaurants, cafes or eateries. Or cook him a nice meal and gift coupons for cleanup!

Look for deals like buy-one-get-one coupons to maximize savings. Many places offer 25-50% off coupons from Rs. 500 onwards.

Massage Voucher

Help your hardworking partner relax and recharge with a rejuvenating massage session. Gift a voucher from a reputed spa for a relaxation massage or aromatherapy treatment.

Introductory massage deals start at Rs. 499 for 45-60 mins. Add on steam, scrub or hot stone for extra pampering.

Experience GiftsEst. Price
Movie ticketsRs. 600 onwards
Amusement park ticketsRs. 499 onwards
Restaurant couponsRs. 500 onwards

Gifting exciting new experiences lets you spend quality time together, make priceless memories, and bond over thrills and tastes - the perfect birthday treat on a budget!

Miscellaneous Gift Ideas

Here are some more awesome gift recommendations to delight your boyfriend on his special day while sticking to a budget of Rs. 500.

Assorted Chocolates

You can never go wrong with a box of premium chocolates! Select an assorted box with all his favorite flavors and textures - go for a mix of milk, dark, nutty, fruit-filled, crunchy etc.

For a personal touch, opt for a box that allows you to fill up chocolates of your choice. Starts at just Rs. 399 for 16 pieces.

Book on Self-Improvement

Help your boyfriend achieve his goals by gifting an inspiring self-help book like The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind etc.

Pick a title that provides real wisdom applicable to his ambitions. Most popular books are priced affordably under Rs. 500.

Indoor Potted Plant

Bring a little nature indoors with a low-maintenance potted plant like a succulent, snake plant, peace lily etc. If he loves the outdoors, a plant is the perfect living gift.

Make sure to include plant care instructions! Green up his space starting from just Rs. 249.

Pet Toys

Shower your boyfriend’s furry best friend with fun new toys! Pick engaging toys like chew ropes, fetch balls, catnip kickers etc. suited for the pet.

You can get several high-quality toys at just Rs. 60-100 each. Include treats to pamper the pet too!

Miscellaneous GiftsEst. Price
Assorted chocolatesRs. 399 onwards
Self-help bookUnder Rs. 500
Indoor potted plantRs. 249 onwards
Pet toysRs. 60-100 per piece

This covers even more great gift options for surprising your boyfriend in a budget-friendly way. Pick something aligned to his personality and interests.


Giving thoughtful and meaningful gifts does not have to drain your wallet. As seen above, there are endless options for budget-friendly birthday gifts under Rs. 500 that can delight your boyfriend and make him feel special.

The key is focusing on sentimental value over cost. With some creativity and personalization, simple affordable gifts can express your love and make his day memorable.

Key Takeaways

  • Prioritize meaningful, personalized gifts - DIY projects, customization, adding personal photos/messages creates sentimental value.

  • Spend on experiences - Create priceless memories and quality bonding time instead of expensive material goods.

  • Give gifts tailored to his personality - Show you pay attention to his interests, hobbies, dreams etc.

  • Inject thoughtfulness into practical gifts - Even useful gifts like wallets, water bottles, backpacks etc. can be made thoughtful.

  • Focus on the element of surprise - Unique gifts, inside jokes, surprises spark joy and excitement.

Parting Thoughts

At the end of the day, it is the thought, effort and love behind the present that matters, not the price tag. The suggestions in this article should provide endless inspiration for gifts under Rs. 500 that can delight your boyfriend and convey how much he means to you.

Remember, a gift from the heart has the power to make any birthday special, even if it didn’t cost much. With ideas ranging from romantic coupons, personalized DIY projects, fun gag gifts, delectable desserts and shared activities, you can definitely pick something one-of-a-kind to make your boyfriend smile ear to ear.

So don’t stress if you’re low on budget. Channel your creativity, embrace the suggestions above and focus on gifting an experience, not just a material possession. Your thoughtful birthday surprise will stay forever etched in his memory as his best gift ever. That’s a success beyond price tags.


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